We are a study team to improve our front-end skills, focused on having more superpowers.


We want to be better developers and we know that we have to spend lots of hours practicing to get it. Unfortunately the daily work donĀ“t let us enough time left to study as much as we'd like, so here is the solution: frontGirlsSessions.

We all have one clear target: get fun learning.

Because, we believe in learning by doing. Building front-end skills requires practice and pushing outside our comfort zone.


We are going to arrange frontGirlsSessions, using our friday afternoons' free hours. In this sessions, we are going to study and practice not only Sass and PostCSS, but Git, grunt/gulp, npm and all the technologies we can potentially need for our daily work.

The responsability of preparing the sessions will be of one of the frontGirls each week. It's simple: study once a month, but get 4 lessons.


You can find all the resources and links we use in the frontGirlsSessions

If you want to send us a recource, feel free to